Peter has called Bellingham home for 40 years, moving here in the late 70’s to go to WWU.

He finished college in 1980 with a BFA in fine arts emphasizing drawing, sculpture and art history.

   College experience, three years in the military and a small business owner of Peterpam

Painting in the 1980’s helped Peter to carve out a very successful Real Estate business.  

In 1988 earning his Brokers license at Massey Realty which was located downtown Bellingham

Peter began with the enthusiasm he is known for - winning the prestigious WCAR award “Rookie

Of The Year” selling 53 homes.

   People who know Peter would describe him as hard working, persistent and patient. He has an

uncanny ability to know how things work. He has found that real estate is full of surprises, and having

many talents has allowed him to help people into their new life and realize their dreams. He has felt

honored to be hired by the children of his clients to help them find their first home as well.

On a personal level Peter and his wife Pamela live in the Eldridge Historic District where they have enjoyed their beautiful home

and renovation projects for the last 25 + years, calling it a work in progress

and a labor of love! They have also enjoyed being parents to their daughter Izzi - who is now 21 and a student at EWU.

   Peter’s dedication to his neighborhood goes way back to taking charge of The Eldridge Historical Society 1993 to present as an

officer and President to the group - sponsoring the summer concert in Elizabeth Park series, funding of projects and events

throughout the neighborhood. If he is not listing or selling homes, or working on his home – Peter is a recreational fisherman and

loves his time on the water.

   Peter has been generous in sharing his talents, knowledge and commitment to preserving the American Dream of home

ownership, as rules and regulations have tried to impose on this freedom. In 2006 Peter committed to a year as president of the

board of Realtors. He was able to communicate locally and nationally his concerns throughout that year and continuing on future

boards. He now remains involved as a voice of experience.